Walter Eagle

Like A Rolling Stone has to be the best rock song of all time. Fact.

It's not just me who asserts this. Rolling Stone magazine, who knew a good name when they saw one, agreed. With their usual humility and lack of bombast, they published an edition in 2004 entitled, "Rolling Stone's Definitive List Of The 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time." OK, "definitive" and "of all time" are maybe a little over the top. It clearly wasn't 'definitive', as they subsequently published an updated version in 2010. And 'of all time' works so long as you accept time to have begun in the 1940s. But the main thing is, they agreed with me, both in 2004 and 2010: Bob Dylan's song was rated Numero Uno.

And then 48 years after the song's release, a new way of looking at the song emerged.

There never was a launch video for the song (pre-MTV days) but in 2013 a brand new video composition was created to accompany the song - in a typically complex Dylanesque way. To mark the release of yet another anthology of his music, a wonderful interactive video was created of people lip-synching the words, absolutely dead-pan. Hmmm... big deal? The video is actually many videos running in parallel, like TV channels, and you can switch between channels as the song plays. The characters in the videos mesh seamlessly with the flow of the lyrics and music. And there is an enormous range of channels and program types to select from, with many real TV celebrities and shows being involved. There's Drew Carey from The Price Is Right, some academic scholars from the History Network, coverage of a professional tennis match, a shopping channel selling Dustbusters, Marc Maron in a radio studio, Wall Street updates and news, a cooking program demonstrating a 'Decadent Dessert', and even (strange to say 'even') footage of Dylan himself performing this.

Whatever your preference, watch and enjoy ... Like A Rolling Stone